Monday, 26 October 2009

Devon break, Awards thank yous and Halloween

naughty naughty me I've neglected this blog for about a month or so!!
*slaps wrist*
as I've been in bed most of the day feeling grotty,
(luckily I have a job where I work from home in bed on my lappytopp if i'm ill)
so thought I'd blog a little then I couldnt stop so make sure your sitting comfortably! lol!
well the break to Devon was amazing really didnt want to come home, we were lucky to have really gorgeous weather that week
went to the most fab place called Bygones ( which is a great nostalgic place to wonder round with a whole replica 19th century high street
set up inside with a sweet shop, toy store, ladies clothes shop, pub, bakeries etc! so adorable I felt as though I was in Oliver! the musical!
we also went to Becky falls were theres loads of waterfalls and an amazing "money tree", were you had to place a coin in, so the pixies would look after you in your travels!!(see photos)
the views are all so beautiful, living in Dartford and Chatham all my life I forgot places like this exsisted!
Photobucket Photobucket

thats me on a ferry

The Money Tree


I have some Thank Yous to sent out
firstly to Kathie @ my net finds for the award
click here for her fav blogs
secondly to Heartniki
for the "good read blog love award"
click here to see what other blogs she loves
and lastly thanks to everyone who commented my last post!! :)

Right... whos excited for Halloween?? eeeeeeeek I am!, around these festive times I really wished I lived in America as they tend to make more of them than we do!
the bloody reserved english!
well Im getting my costume ready heres a sneaky peek!
what are you going as????