Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Photo shoot for Desdemona Vintage

So I havent posted for a wee while so I'm overloading you tonight with posts on what I've been up to
heres some shots from the photo shoot for Desdemona Vintage

and heres the outcome of the Scrabble necklaces shoot

for more info or for a better look at the shots go to

theres a couple of "behind the scenes" shots on my flickr too! t'was fun!

John Lennon Tattoo.......

So I've finally done it!!!
got my tattoo done on my wrist of John Lennons autograph (from the Imagine era)
I've wanted it done since I was 18!
Its healing nicely now, looks a little sore in the photo but it was well worth it!
"its for you John" *she looks up*
I've had this obsession with him for as long as I can remember, well since my mum sat me down to watch Help! aged 9 and I fell in love there and then (superintendent he's got a plan, he's got a plan superintendent)


Friday, 11 June 2010

new website!!

check it out and sign the guestbook