Thursday, 25 March 2010

FOR SALE.... Mini Super Deluxe 1966


I am selling my Austin Mini Super Deluxe Model, its 1966, and has only 21,231 original mileage!!! Red with Union Jack roof
If you know anyone who might be intrested pass on this link pleeeeease

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Elise said...

good luck with the sale - I had a mini as my first car and it was FAB

Desdemona Vintage said...

thanks sweetie!!
Im selling coz I want a Nissan Figaro!!
xx said...

Lovely car! I am thinking of selling mine soon. Its not a mini though! Its a beetle. suzie xxx

Megan. said...

My Dream car!
If only i had £2500
Ill swap for my silver ka?

Saskatoon said...

That is an uber-cool but I too am desperate for a Figaro! Loving the blog!

Check mine out if you'd like?

x x x

Peggy said...

i luv that

St├ęphane Malingue said...
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