Wednesday, 9 December 2009

John Lennon Nowhere Boy Film

I'm just so excited about this film its unreal!!!
I've been a Beatles fan (thanks to my mum) from birth!!! and a John Lennon fan since my mum showed me the film Help! when I was 8 years old, and I fell in love there and then!
Well this film is gonna be good I just know it, if anybody out there has read 'In my Life' by Johns school friend Pete Shotton (which by the way is my fav JL book) then this film looks just like an adaptation of that book
heres the trailer

I can see me seeing that a few time at the cinema!


Anonymous said...

I remember the day he died,to the last detail...

phylly3 said...

The movie looks really good. Although, the lead actor is a bit too good looking and the actor playing Paul McCartney not good looking enough!
Have you seen the movie "Backbeat" (1994)? It was very well done! Also known as the Stu Sutcliffe story, it's about the Beatles' time in Hamburg.
Nice blog!

Pearl Westwood said...

Hey, about Lookbook I can invite you to join, all I need is your email - I couldnt see one on your blog, so if you only have a private one you can email it to me on, the other way to join is that you have to submit an application form and apply! xx

rocksblogg said...

hey phylly!!
lovin you pic of Mister Richard Armitage (hotty)
but I have to disagree, I dont think they could of found anyone as good looking as John himself!!! but yeah the guy playing paul is a little..."strange" looking!!
yeah I have seen Backbeat
amazing film!! watched it loads! I also think Stephen Dorff is a gorge too!
thanks for ya comment

rocksblogg said...

wow thanks 'Pearl'
that would be fab
I've emailed you!
thanks your an angel!!

rocksblogg said...

It was such a sad and violent way for him to go!
imo, weve lost the best two Beatles!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god!!! Gotta see this! Johns always been my fave x

rocksblogg said...

I know baby girl!!
I'm so excited it comes out on Boxing day!
i cant wait I wish I knew john in like 1957 he seemed like such a cheeky little monkey!