Thursday, 7 January 2010

xmas, nowhere boy again,

Well Hello 2010!
My bad! I havent posted anything in nearly a month!
hope you had a great Chrimbo! I did! got to see all the family (I love spoiling my Fam at chrimbo!) and had drinkies and ate waaaaaayyyy too much choccie, but who cares!
I got a fab new camera a Nikon Coolpix p90,
clothes, dvds, cash, smellies, make-up, a Vivienne Westwood Orb necklace and other stuff (so obv my fam love spoiling me too!)

Re my last post O. M. G. Nowhere Boy is sooooo good! its done so well, better than anything like "The John Lennon Story" or "Backbeat" (although I do like Backbeat!)
Ive seen it twice already, Aaron Johnson who plays John is amazing, hes got Johns magic and accent spot on! (and looks beautiful with hes Buddy Holly glasses and teddy boy hair do!)

I cryed a little both times, if your a Lennon fan its a must see!!
really made my Xmas/NY!

now I'm looking forward to Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland coming out in March!
how good does it look??!!

K so I'm also now on Lookbook so I'll be showing you all some of my new fashion finds!
aaaaaaand thats about it for now!
oh yeah I only need 1 more follower and I'll be doing the Give Away comp!
I've collected together some nice little goodies for the lucky one!


C. said...

great blog! I can't wait for alice in wonderland!!!!

owl wings

rocksblogg said...

eeeeeeek! i know how much would you of loved to to work on costume hair and make-up for this film!

Style Bird said...

Great new cammera..I want to see Alice too!

Chloe said...

aww I'm very jealous of you because thats the camera I want! hehe, cool blog

desi said...

hi there!!! how have you beeeennnnn!!! long time no speak!!

Nikon is the BESSTTTT!!!!! i have 2 Nikon's and ill never change brand!!

have a fantastic day friend!!


rocksblogg said...

hey desi!
yeah im dead pleased with it nixons are dreamy!!
im v. good cheers you been up to much lately? been out taking photos of anything exciting?

yoli said...


Phiephie + Minnie said...

wow lucky you on all the amazing pressies! I hope you can check out The Fashion Smoke and follow us too, we're following you now :)

Rubee said...
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Happy @/*-*\@ said...

Hello honey - I have said on facebook that you inspired me with that! I have tried to tweak mine a bit, but I am useless at drilling the holes! the one you made me was too small for me so I had to make mine bigger - I have a fat neck! I wasnt going to put them on the website coz i hate copying peeps, thats why I have changed them a little :)

I hope you are well :)

Speak soon honey xx
Love happy xx