Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Photos of London, Covent Garden / Soho / Etc

I just love wondering around London with a camera, theres always something to be snapping at!
Here a few pics from my last adventure!

Preparing for Chinese New Year, which is this weekend peeps! will be going back to get more picciepics!

These cute lasses where in Beyond Retro, one of my favourite shops I got a cute vintage 50's style americana cheer leaders jumper, its to die for so cute!

The best window display I've seen in ages!

This strip joint reminded me of the vintage/retro ones of the early 60's, if this was on the Reeperbahn Hamburg then you probably would of seen The Beatles piling in!!

Last but by no means least Girlies.... Look who I found lurking around Covent Garden!!


2 comments: said...

I love it all! but the best bit has to be the lurking Depp! suzie xxx

rocksblogg said...

I wanted to take him home just to stand him in my living room!
( ok maybe not just that.....:p )