Saturday, 20 June 2009

Pattie Boyd

I am reading Pattie's Wonderful Today book, I've had it since just before Xmas but only just got round to starting it, I'm a fan of Pattie she really was and still is beautiful and of course she married two of my favourite guitarists George Harrison and Eric Clapton
I still havent read Pamela Des Barres' I'm With The Band, which soooo many people have told me to read, so that'll be next me thinks!!



Sarah said...

Love Pattie Boyd!

And yes you MUST read I'm With The Band!

Jane said...

I worship Pattie!! She's amazing -- though its always really depressing in her book when she's breaking up with george and going to eric. i just wanted to give her a hug when i finished reading it

rocksblogg said...

Shes fantastic, isnt she?!
I am bidding on a copy of I'm with the band on ebay at the mo', lets hope I win it, I really feel as though its something i've been missing out on! No doubt I'll blog about it.
Thanks for following Sarah!

rocksblogg said...

heya Jane cheers for the comment!
I've just got to that that part, your right its sad :(
I'm starting to understand just why she had many songs written about her!!

In Bug's Drawers said...

Pattie Boyd is awesome! She is so cute and you are right - she has dated some pretty awesome guys. Come by my blog when you get a chance and maybe follow me too :)