Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Songs I'm addicted to / Summer playlist

Heres a few songs that I'm addicted to at the mo', remind me of summers past,
or others that if you have not heard, you should give them a listen

1. Boom Boom Boom --- John Lee Hooker
2. Tiny Dancer --- Elton John
3. Jackson --- Johnny Cash & June Carter
4. Trani --- Kings of Leon
5. Head to Toe --- Kings of Leon
6. Here Comes Your Man --- Pixies
7. Barabajagal --- Donovan
8. Goo Goo Muck --- The Cramps
9. Peace Frog --- The Doors
10. Toad --- Cream
11. Wir Tanzen im 4-eck --- Stereo Total
12. Sweet Home Chicago --- Robert Johnson
13. Me and the Devil --- Robert Johnson
14. Tattva / Govinda ---Kula Shaker
and obv.
15. Desdemona --- Johns Children

whacha think?



In Bug's Drawers said...

You have killer taste in music. I like a lot of the same song - great for that summer play list!

rocksblogg said...

Cheers Sweetpea
Any songs you think I've missed out?
perhaps a bit of Led Zed & Stones eh?

Jane said...

You have really great taste in music!
Do you like the Guess Who? They're someone I usually really get into during the summer. And as they say in 'Almost Famous', they've got the courage to be drunken buffoons...which makes them poetic :)