Sunday, 12 July 2009

60's films


Over the years I have collected a large amount of 60's films,
I love the "simpleness" of them and obv. the fashion and decor and cars etc
my favourites being Up the Junction (which I named my vintage clothing boutique after!), Smashing Time & Poor Cow, Carol White is one of my favourite actresses of that era.
heres some that I have: (some I like more than others!!)

Up the Junction, Girl on a Motorcycle, Smashing Time,
Valley of the Dolls, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls,
Poor Cow, Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush, Performance,
I'll Never Forget What's'isname, Beatgirl, Lolita,
Cathy Come Home, Saturday Night Sunday Morning, Blow Up,
The Knack, A Taste of Honey, Cathy Come Home, The Graduate,
Help!, A Hard Days Night, Psycho, Cactus Flower,
Butterflies are Free, The Birds, Georgie Girl, Bedazzled,
Wonderwall, Bronco Bullfrog, The Italian Job

but.... I am after a few more to add to my collection

Easy Rider, Cool it Carol, The System (the girl getters)
Young Bird Fly, Repulsion, Live it Up!, Leather Boys
All Neat in Black Stockings,
If there's any others that I've forgotten? or any that you love that I may not of seen, let me know!!


Miss Peelpants said...

I saw Smashing Time recently, absolutely adored it. Lynn Redgrave's wigs deserved an Oscar.

rocksblogg said...

HeHe! agree 100%!
"Car-na-by Street Car-na-by Street"

Happy @/*-*\@ said...

Hi ya chick..thank you hon for your comments...Oh i had a gr8 time with Jax in somerset...thing is it has spoilt me! I went on my own and loved my girlie time!

I love the piccy here of your mum...its sooo retro hon!

My! you have good taste in films, I hardly get time to watch any lately but when I do...i know who to see :)

take care honey...p'haps we'll meet up soon <3

Love H xx

Bug said...

Great movies - I wish I lived in the 60's :)

Gemma Parker Burlesque and Pin-up artist said...

I love Valley of the Dolls! It's very cheesy but great camp fun! Good luck with your ever growing collection.

deborahthegreat said...

La Chinoisie
Barbarella (of course)
Morgan: A Suitable Case For Treatment
The Rebel
The Trip
Carry On Camping

rocksblogg said...

Cheers Deborah!
I've got performance, psych out, barbarella & carry on carry on camping.....carry on girls is one of my favs!!
I'll check out the rest!!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

There are a few others besides "The Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock that I think you'd like. Some were done in the 50's but also the 60's.

Sarah said...

Great list! Here are a some of my favorites which I don't see mentioned here: Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, Belle De Jour, Privilege, Contempt, The Big Cube, Venus In Furs, Who Are You Polly Magoo?, Penelope, Eye Of The Devil, Twisted Nerve, Fathom, Dog Eat Dog, Spider Baby, Single Room Furnished, Marnie, What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?, La Dolce Vita, My Life To Live, A Woman Is A Woman, Charade, Carnival Of Souls, Bunny Lake Is Missing, Rosemary's Baby

Jane said...

such fantastic taste!! i am very envious...

How about Alfie, the Wrong Box, Fearless Vampire Killers, Bonnie and Clyde, Barbarella, Two for the Road, The Thomas Crown Affair, and How to Steal a Million? Some of my sixties favorites...

rocksblogg said...

oh yeah I totally forgot some...
how to steal a million
the thomas crown affair
I have these
nice one jane!
and whatever happened to baby jane
rosemarys baby
again nice one sarah
Sarah mentioned some I have not even heard of so I will be checking them out!!