Saturday, 18 July 2009

Stones & The Bad Shepherds

Well well well,
The Counterfeit Stones were indeed, excellent they're sound is spot on! a good show for any Stones fan BUT, and it is a big BUT!..... they need a stylist (*she raises hand* Me! ME! me! please Sir! I'll do it!)
I'm sorry to say they looked awful, as if they were taking the piss!! with they're crappy wigs, so, if you do go, stand near the back or just squint!!
Heres us! we got snapped for some website?! I stole the pic!


on a much better note The Bad Shepherds were GREAT!! for those of you that don't know its Adrian Edmondson's (bottom /young ones) band, they play all folk intruments, Ade plays the 'thrash mandolin', but do covers of punk songs, their set consisted of Teenage Kicks, Going Underground, God Save the Queen, Up the Junction, even Kraftwerks The Model, such a giggle.


Mz. Spider said...

Thanks for following! Great blog. I adore the pic of your lovely mummy. Nothing beats a hippy chick. :)

Anonymous said...

I misssssssssssed it!!!!
I was too busy showing Johnny Depp around London!!! hee hee

Bug said...

Sounds amazing - great video!